From Idea to Business; Seminar

TUSI Inc. Seminar Night

Building on the success of our January Start-up workshop, we’d like to run a new one, but a bit deeper into action.

This seminar and Q&A is intended for those who have started a business, or would like to start a new business, but have a lot of questions, where to start, how to overcome challenges and …
Talk and Q&A on:

From idea to business: practical tips to turn your idea into a functional business

Speakers: Iman Eftekhari and Hamed Taghvaei
Cost: Free, if you’re a member of TUSI

For more information and registration please contact us on

Where: UTS, Ultimo; CB04.04.321
When: Wed 20 June 2018; 18:00 to 20 

Note: This event will be recorded and photos and recordings will be used as seen appropriate by TUSI.





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