TUSI Annual General Meeting will be held on Wednesday 31 Jan 2018 at 6 pm at UTS (Room 301, Level 3, Building 11).The new executive committee members will be selected for the next 2-year term by financial members. Despite initial plan to have our AGM in December 2017 the new date has been confirmed so more members could attend and possibly.
The committee positions are shown in the organisation chart of TUSI Inc. shown below. Please also see the list of responsibilities of the committee members in the file attached. Should be interested to be a candidate for any of the positions in the committee, please contact us via email, info@tusi.org,au and provide your contact details and a short resume by Sunday 28th Jan 2018.
Please note all the candidate must be a financial member* (who is already registered or renewed their membership for current financial year, July 2017- June 2018) of the association at the time of election.”
*Financial member :who has already registered or renewed their membership for current financial year, July 2017- June 2018.


TUSI Inc. Executive Committee (EC) Tasks


President/Vice President*:

Constitutional Tasks:

  • as a chairperson presides over the Committees, General and Annual General Meetings (AGM).
  • as a manager oversees and coordinates the activities and administration of the Association.
  • ensures that the elected officers of the Association perform duties as laid down by the Constitution.
  • ensures that all other tasks necessary for the running of the activities of the Association are performed.
  • has a thorough knowledge of the Constitution to ensure compliance with it.
  • plan the year’s activities, which must be approved by majority of EC members.
  • should be familiar with budgeting (eg. to arrive at a reasonable membership fee).
  • liaises with the external organisations/affiliations.
  • organise AGMs within 6 months of the close of the association financial year (30 June).

* Vice president is substitute to the President. Vice President is also responsible for Memberships.


Constitutional Tasks:

  • assists the President or Vice President in organising committee and general and annual meetings.
  • keeps documentations during and after any meetings, and send the minutes to EC members.

Routine tasks include but not limited to:

  • keeps meeting minutes at regular EC meetings.
  • circulates meeting minutes between members within a week after each meeting.
  • regularly checks the association email box and provides response to inquiries/feedback as appropriate.
  • keeps record of all communications with the association (via email or mail) and present a summary to the EC in monthly meetings.


Constitutional Tasks:

  • keeps and maintains all the association financial records, holding cheque and deposit books, petty cash, etc.
  • keeps the association and the EC informed of its financial position.

Routine Tasks:

  • presents financial summaries to Annual General Meeting (AGM).
  • submits financial summaries to Director General (NSW Fair Trading) within 1 month after AGM.
  • maintains all the association financial records including membership fees, expenditure, etc in a spreadsheet or specialised software. The record should the transaction value, date, reason. All the expenditures should have a written approval from the president or the vice president.
  • presents an update of the association budget, income and expenditures over last month in each monthly meeting.

Marketing Officer:

Constitutional Tasks:

  • The Marketing Officer’s primary responsibility is to promote the association to industry representatives and to communicate with members and industry partners.
  • The Marketing Officer is responsible to the generation of all the promotional material for all of the association events, including but not limited to posters and promotional videos as well as overseeing all marketing campaigns for events. Furthermore the Marketing Officer is to monitor and oversee all online campaigns of the association.

Routine tasks include but not limited to:

  • keeps the association website up-to-date
  • keeps the associations profiles up-to-date (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, …)
  • facilitates meeting/contacts with outstanding members of the engineering/science community in Australia in order to promote TUSI Inc.
  • accompanies the president or vice president in above meetings, as required.
  • updates career webpage using the members’ job updates within 24 hrs.
  • seeks and facilitates publication of experts’ comments on current affairs through media. This is done in coordination and assistance with the president or the vice president, as appropriate.

Working Group (WG) Coordinators:

  • present a long-term (business) plan to the EC for approval and comment
  • set some milestone for a 2 year term to achieve the long-term plan goals
  • present a monthly update to EC of the WG activities and progress/achievements in relation to the plan and milestones.
  • organise monthly (or other time period agreed on) with group members to follow up the WG plan/activities,
  • search for/ motivate volunteer members from a wide range of engineering disciplines to join the WG.

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